UNIVERSAL PUNCH CORP. capabilities encompass product development, SLA rapid prototyping, CAD and CAM, CNC high speed multi-pallet machining, CNC ultra-precision turn-milling, CNC turning, CNC swiss turning, EDM, CNC jig grinding, grinding, broaching and honing, stem bowing, gear cutting, CNC engraving and laser marking, coordinate measuring, heat treating, polishing and hand finishing, assembly and testing.

All Universals manufacturing products are ISO13485 compliant. Universal Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG) enables customers to take a manufacturing process in-house after the team complete the development of the product. Universals tailors each project to meet the budget set by the client company, achieving lower costs and unrivalled speeds to market.

•Acorn •Match Heads •Match Head Diamond •Round Diamond •Twist Drills •Metal Cutter •Craniotone Cutter •Cylindrical Drum Fluted •Drills •Router •Barrel Cutters •Diamond Wheels.